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New product development

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Invite product owners, domain experts and technically competent professionals to join scrumlance as volunteers. Join community

Share product ideas

Do you have a product idea, which is not elaborated yet?. Share it with the core team at Scrumlance. We will help you to detail it. Contact us

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Once there is clarity on the minimum viable product, invite potential team members from the Scrumlance community

Scrum it

Develop the product quickly using scrum

Scrumlance is a not for profit association of passionate people, self organizing around brilliant ideas, working together to make them happen the scrum way. When the ‘Idea’ succeeds, everybody reap the benefits.

A global community of competent and committed technology & functional professionals, self-organizing around projects of their choice either full time or part time, and working together following the Agile principles, values & tools.

Educate, Endorse & Engage

The Educate, Endorse and Engage approach of Scrumlance is focussed at;

  • Identifying passionate people with potentially great product ideas
  • Building a closed community of competent and reliable professionals with sound technology / functional expertise who want to be part of great projects as partners
  • Providing them with the right knowledge and skills through training / mentoring
  • Team formation support
  • Distributed scrum support

Key benefits

  • Fast & Economical team mobilization – The Product owners can develop and deploy new products and features quickly and economically
  • Maximising return on knowledge & skills – The Contributors can maximize returns on their knowledge and skills faster and consistently
  • Almost Zero attrition – Continuous access to the resources. No more attrition related risks, becuase everyone invests in the product either by cash or by work and the environment is open.
  • Flexibility – scale up / down resources based on need

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