Scrum team

Scrum teams are highly capable, committed and motivated. The scrum team is a small team. Typically less than 10 members. If larger teams are required, then they create multiple small teams. Scrum team comprises of;

  • Scrum master
  • Product owners
  • Developers

There is no hierarchy within the scrum team. It is highly cohesive team working towards achieving the product goal. All the members of the scrum team should have the same product owner, same product backlog and same product goals. When working in a sprint their main goal would be meeting the sprint goal. Scrum teams are cross functional in nature and at the same time everyone is known as a team member only. Scrum teams are also self organizing. Like in traditional projects, there will not be anybody to allocate work. The team decides who will do what based on their capabilities and availability. All the product related activities from stakeholder collaboration verification, maintenance, operation, prototyping, research and development and anything else that might be required to make the sprints successful are performed by the scrum team. This calls for lot of autonomy and empowerment.

The entire scrum team is responsible for the success and failure of the sprint. A sprint is considered as successful, when the sprint goal is met.